High Falls and Manitou Falls Hydroelectric Project
Comment Sheet January 2010

The Ojibways of the Pic River First Nation has completed a conceptual design for two proposed hydroelectric developments on the Pic River. We would appreciate receiving any comments you may have regarding the proposed developments as well as any information pertaining to the study area of the Pic River that could be useful in project planning and environmental screening process. Thank you for your time.

 1. Do you live or work in the Pic River study area?
Yes No

 2. Where do you reside?
Marathon Manitouwadge
Other: First Nation (Please Specify):

 3. Do you use any areas in the vicinity of the Project?
Yes No

 4. Please state which area(s) you use:

 5. What do you use this area for?
Traditional Heritage Activities
Hydro Development
Please provide details regarding the above and/or list any other activities you may use this area for:

 6. Please provide any important environmental values (e.g., fish spawning sites, forestry resources, canoe use requirements, heritage sites, etc) within the study area that we should consider during the Project design and environmental assessment process.

 7. Are you in favour of hydroelectric power generation?
Yes No

 8. Are you in favour of the Project?
Yes No

 9. Are there any modifications, mitigation measures or enhancements that you think would improve the Project’s design?

 10. Based on your knowledge of the area, are there any issues or concerns associated with the proposed development? Please be as specific as possible.

 11. Please provide any additional comments or background information which you consider relevant to the Project.

 12. Would you like to be included on the Project mailing list?
Yes No


High Falls and Manitou Falls Project
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