High Falls and Manitou Falls Hydroelectric Project Description

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4. Additional Requirements Related to Fish,
Fish Habitat and Navigable Waters

4.1 Environmental Features
No additional information regarding the environmental features of the site (other than that discussed in Section 3) is available at this time. Pic River is planning to conduct a series of field investigations to fill the baseline data gaps. The proposed field investigations are summarized in Appendix B.
4.2 Use of Waterway
4.2.1 Existing Use of Waterway
The MNR SDP notes that the Pic River is a traditional First Nations canoe route and also forms several of the major canoe routes identified in Canoe Manitouwadge (Mackay Lake to Lake Superior and White Otter River to Pic River to Lake Superior), a document prepared by the Manitouwadge Public Consultation Committee, which is an important part of the tourism strategy for Manitouwadge. A 500-m long portage is present on the east side of the river around High Falls and a 150-m long portage is also present at Manitou Falls on the east side of the river. There are two portages through the Middle Falls section of the Pic River.
4.2.2 Information on Fisheries
The Pic River is known to contain game fish species such as walleye, northern pike and rainbow trout. Lake sturgeon are also present and they may be traditionally harvested by First Nations, but the game fishery for this species is closed province-wide. Game fishing likely occurs to some degree at the proposed development sites, since they are relatively accessible to the general public, although the degree of use is not known at this time.

High Falls and Manitou Falls Project
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