Pic River First Nation has established this website to provide information concerning its proposed waterpower developments on the Pic River at Manitou Falls and High Falls. These sites will be collectively referred to as Pic River Hydro.

Pic River First Nation has a long history of waterpower development in the local area. The first involvement with waterpower development was in 1987 with the Wawatay GS on the Black River. This was followed by the Twin Falls project on the Kagiano River in 1992 and the Umbata Falls project on the White River in 2008. These projects have increased the community’s self-reliance and allowed numerous community projects to go forward that would not have otherwise. These projects also provide a source of employment and pride to community members.

This website has been designed to perform the following functions:
       -source of project information related to the proposed developments
       -provide notices of public consultation opportunities (past and future)
       -allow comments to be submitted on the proposed developments

This page will be updated on a regular basis with new information as it becomes available.

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Larry King, Project Manager
Hatch Ltd.
4342 Queen St., Suite 500, Niagara Falls, ON, L2E 7J7
Phone: 613-478-3572 Fax: 905-374-1157
Email: lking@hatch.ca

At this time (January 2010), the site contains the following:
       -Notice of Commencement
       -Project Description Report
       -January 2010 Consultations

High Falls and Manitou Falls Project
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